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Mastic (BEM):

   Bitumen emulsion paste is an aqueous disper-sion of bitumen and is a system of two mutually insoluble liquids (bitumen and water), from which bitumen is distributed in water in the form of tiny particles coated with a layer of solid emulsifier, ensuring the stability of the system.

     Bitumen emulsion mastic is used for:

  • Roofing and waterproofing of residential, industrial-civil and agricultural buildings and structures;

  • Waterproofing of hydrotechnical structures;

  • Anti-filtration coatings of water intake facilities, cable ropes and dam screens;

  • Anticorrosive protection of underground metal building structures and pipelines;

  • Surface treatment and filling of expansion joints of asphalt-concrete and cement-concrete coatings.

Wells' Rings:

Elements of concrete rings of wells are prefabricated reinforced concrete structures consisting of various reinforced concrete elements and are designed for engineering and drainage communications and various communication networks.
Reinforced concrete wells are often used in private buildings and on sites where they are used for water supply systems, drinking wells and small sewers. It is also frequently used at road construction. The concrete ring, together with the lid of the well and the bottom, corresponding to the common diameter for all elements of the well, constitute a complete structure.
The design of the elements of the rings of the wells is quite simple and is a frame made of metal reinforcement, covered with concrete and having the required shape. The process of production, mainly, occurs by the method of vibrocompression. The steel rebar frame is covered with a layer of heavy concrete and subjected to vibration, which gives the concrete the required density.
In our offices, you can order the necessary products, as well as consult with our specialists to select the required concrete wells.


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