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Изоляционные работы на объекте ФК «Ронессанс»3
Устройство кабельных каналаов в г. Ашхабаде
Изоляционные работы на объекте ФК «Ронессанс»4

For more than 25 years “Berhak” has been in construction business as well as manufacturing of construction materials, such as concrete products and insulation materials for roofing and foundations. One of our main advantages is that the company uses products and materials of its own production at its construction sites.

Our products:

  • Bitumen-emulsion mastic;

  • Road curbs;

  • Concrete well rings;

  • Reinforced concrete slabs.

Our services:

  • Construction of residential and non-residential buildings;

  • Construction of civil facilities;

  • Installation (installation) of water supply systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems;

  • Electric installation work.

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